I see my heart in the seed
I breathe into the dream
and the ground cries
I am crazed and graceless
                --Theodore Roethke 



I BELIEVE POETRY CAN HEAL THE WORLD one word,  line, stanza, poem at a time.

I believe poetry is a gift that can heal the


hurt and anger we carry--and beauty.  I believe if you listen to yourself you find the truth of yourself. And if you write this truth on


paper it becomes a spell that reveals the past, present and future of your existence. 

Plot of Moons

[Juego de las Lunas]

--translation of Federico Garcia Lorca


The moon is a Ferris wheel

of mirrors. A nexus


circling ‘round to full

bloom. The moon drops




till she’s petal-less. As

the moon


sheds phases, buds bloom

new moons.


Broods of clouds cloud

over, a soul


shrouded, the moon

in her darkest phase,


another layer, another demise.


The moon is

a looking glass,



over the sea.


The fullest moon, a lantern

that floods the sky.


The moon.


In her boundless ruche—


And the Moon? And the Moon?


A woman [Cast in a corona

a cheval glass]

--Chell Navarro 2018

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