I have been a poet all my life but for the first half of my life I kept it to myself. Ten years ago I decided to take a bold step to make my dream a reality. I returned to school, finished my BA in English and then entered and finished the MFA program in Creative Writing and Media Arts at University of Missouri-Kansas City. It was the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done, second only to raising my son.

I have always believed that writing is a way into yourself. I have saved myself too many times by just writing it out. Language is a gift. It is magic and with it you can cast spells to heal humanity--beginning with yourself. 

Poetry matters more than ever before, because we are more challenged than ever before. Poetry is the essential language that, endlessly branching, enables us to live deeply and envision what matters most...

Poetry dissolves boundaries--it is the finite that puts us in touch with the infinite--and, as languages and species vanish every day, it is a crucial vehicle by which we apprehend the urgency and precarious splendor of existence.   --Arthur Sze

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