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187: Them Lady Poets must not marry, pal...

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Is the poet the voice in a poem?

Them lady poets must not marry, pal.

Miss Dickinson--fancy in Amherst bedding her.

Fancy a lark with Sappho,

a tumble in the bushes with Miss Moore,

a spoon with Emily, while Charlotte glare.

Miss Bishop's too noble-O.

--from The Dream Songs 187

Emily said no thanks pal, you got some balls

Growth of Man--like Growth of Nature--Gravitates within

Sappho returned your chirp: but I am not someone who

likes to wound rather I have a quiet mind

And Miss Moore, Miss Moore consulted with Mr. Lowell

and he replied John Who? Everyone is self-deceived--

Don't fret about the noble-O my dear,

The whole shadow of Man is only as big as his hat.

Elizabeth can be savage as well.

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