• Chell Navarro

Astral Cords

Updated: May 30, 2019

Astral Bodies

Am I in the dream

of the one starring in my dream?

Are we cross pollinating

in an astral sleep-trip?

I wish I could ask

if we’re still connected

by that silver umbilical cord—

fine as a guitar string.

Every poet needs a guitar.

Mine idles in a corner,

dust covered, untuned.

It waits to be played.

I used to know some cords.

G, D, A, & Em

You demonstrated the pentameter

scale but when you played

it was only the beginning of

the riff from 10 Years After,

I’d love to change the world

I told you that’s what I wanted

to do & I thought I could change yours.

I saw you in my dream last night

at the other end

of a corridor playing the same

song to another

red-headed girl. You can’t change

your world

till you learn some new cords.

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