• Chell Navarro



Yesterday I lived like it was my last night on earth

I made a mushroom risotto drank far past my limit of wine

listened to opera volume up on my screened in porch

Maria Callus’s voice filled the warm evening air

L’amour est un oiseau rebelle

I wake after midnight coughing again

I spend most of the night googling symptoms

mine are allergies but still FUCK this is what

I worry about: Is my blood type O?

people with type O may be less likely to get it

Do I have my sense of smell?

early symptoms include losing sense of smell and taste

What if my temp is 96.7, when do I have a fever?

The dead visit my dream still alive—

Maria: fresh out of rehab and making promises

Grandma Lova: traveling with a metal band on a train.

and Dad: returning from a fire the scent of wood smoke on his coat.

This morning I take the dogs out after 7 a.m. the sky

wispy white clouds and a chem trail X right above me

like the ancient rune nauthiz

marking yes this is where we are right now

constraint necessity pain

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