• Chell Navarro

The Spire Falls

The Spire Falls

A part of us is on fire—

a macabre scene,

a scourge

against a decent man.

The disappearance of God

caused the devil to sneak in

to the eucharist.

An army of devils consecrated by the church.

An army of devils hidden

in confessionals.

A mental collapse of sex education

for children and nudity.

The seat of the arch bishop—

the church burns.

Pope Benedict blamed

clerical sexual abuse on the 60’s.

The sins against the children on

the sexual revolution, men as god

giving the sacrament, listening

to our sins.

The patriarchy burns in lies

in the 12th c. icon,

in this difficult hour

the spire burns

the spire collapses

on itself.

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