• Chell Navarro


All seems the same

at present

Awake at 4:21 a.m. the usual time

although—3 days ripe

I need to shower

the dogs wait patiently

routine for them the cat

meows in the sink

I woke 3 days ago with a nasty cough

through thin walls

I’m sure neighbors are concerned

I have it

they see me on the cusp

of elderly

No fever I check every hour

record it

I have read the warning


I take the dogs out in the morning dark

Dense fog the smell of water

hits me first

air damp and briny

like a lakeshore

NY Times: patients report they lost

their sense of smell

an early sign of it

I’m relieved and happy

All the birds are singing


swooping and appearing

from behind

the curtain of fog

this time of day so new

it hasn’t broken me


all seems the same

with the exception of a creeping

fear a sudden wide awake feeling

this is real

NY Times reports:

Prince Charles, 71, heir to the British Throne

has it

the dogs anticipate I’ll leave soon

for work

But again—today—I won’t

I pour another cup of coffee

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